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  Traditional Chinese Medicine Database System

        Traditional Chinese Medicine Database System

                                          Institute of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicien
                                                     China Academy of Chinese Medical Science

1. Traditional Chinese Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System (TCMLARS) (English)
Subject: Traditional Chinese Medical Periodical Literature
Type: Bibliographic
Coverage: It contains more than 120,000 references and abstracts to literature on Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Chinese herbal medicines, acupuncture, qigong, Chinese massage, health promotion, and other topics. The source material is drawn from more than 800 Chinese biomedical journals published in China since 1984, of which over 100 are speciality periodicals in Traditional Chinese Medicine. More than 5,000 records are added to the system annually.
Field: Chinese title, English title, author, the affiliation and address of the first author, journal title, publication year, volume, issue, page, publication type, check tag, history of medicine, grant type, subject headings, classification code, language, Chinese abstract, English abstract, animal variety, dosage forms, pharmacology of Chinese herbs, pharmacology, name of disease, diagnosis standard, pathogenesis, trial type, treatment of disease, name of drug and formula, chemical name of medicines, English name of medicines, ingredients and dosage of formula, drug compatibility, usage and dosage, acupuncture and Tuina points, acupuncture and Tuina manipulation, side effect, therapeutic effect guideline, result of cure, materia medica, chemical structure, physical and chemical properies, effective component, Chinese medicine identification, method of processing, pharmaceutical techniques, medicinal action and pharmacological effect, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology.
Indexing: Descriptor language is adopted in indexing. The thesauri used for subject indexing are Chinese Traditional Medicine and Materia Medica Subject Headings and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).

2. Traditional Chinese Drug Database(TCDBASE)(English)
Subject: Chinese materia medica or herbal medicine in common use
Type: Factual
Coverage: The database contains 545 records. Each record represents a single herb, or mineral drug, and provides the cited information.
Field: formal name and synonyms, original source of medicinal plants, planting method, collection and storage, parts of the plant for medicinal use, identification of raw medicinal materials, chemical composition, physical/chemical properties, processing methods, dosage form, pharmaceutical techniques, Pharmacological action, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, as the ingredient in a formula, compatibility of medicines, characteristics of the drug, channel tropism, efficacy, indication, usage and dosage, precaution, etc.

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